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Length: 45 min  |  Cost: $99 

Are you a first time mom and have questions about your pregnancy, movements, workout suggestions, nutrition, labor, delivery, or postpartum? Maybe this is your second (or third, or fourth) pregnancy and you want something different! Explore new strategies in a personal setting.


This consultation is not meant to replace any advice of your health care provider, nor will it give you a medical prescription, medical advice, or a diagnosis.  BIRTHFIT Wisconsin is here to educate and support you as you take an active role in your pregnancy and/or postpartum. 

with Dr. Erica Boland

Length: 20 min  |  Cost: $79 

Gain the confidence and knowledge needed to heal your entire core, diaphragm, abdominal musculature, and pelvic floor. Whether you are treating pregnant or postpartum women or seeking that information for yourself, this will inform you how a woman should prepare for and heal after the most important athletic event of her life.


It is time we stop accepting core dysfunction and start healing our foundation. We must address the system as a whole and stop singling out muscle groups. After all, movement is life.

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